🔥 The Origin Story 🔥

Hi, I'm Glennjamin of Just Your Frequency! 🤠

Just Your Frequency is an electronic music project from my background of being a DJing and a singer-songwriter.

How did it all begin?

It started all over 10 years ago in 2009 in a gnarly high school garage band inspired by our hatred of the oh-so famous Jonas Brothers.

Our goal was make it to superstardom as a band then destroy the Jonas Brothers in a Battle of the Bands contest before declaring our selves as the best band ever.

Eventually, the Jonas Brothers got the last laugh as they became legends for late Millennials and early Gen Z'ers, while the garage band would take an indefinite hiatus and life would takeover leading me to continue to write and create songs solo.

What Happened Next? 

Later down the line, I decided to go back to school and get a college degree. I continued to write and create songs but wasn't in a spot to join a band or record a demo during my college stint.

After graduating college, I became involved in the local DJ scene of the Bluffton-Hilton Head-Savannah area that saw me involved in various gigs.

Despite diving into the DJ world and having a great time with some fun folks, my heart and mind still held out hope that I would return to the musician world at some point to build on my teenage dream of becoming a full-fledged music artist.

So, What Sparked this?

In 2020, the pandemic happened and my personal circumstances weren't the best. Like a lot of folks, there was uncertainty about a lot of things. The shutdown and murky future made me realize that I had been too passive in my own goals and it was time to go after what I wanted which was to create and release my songs for folks everywhere.

After putting together the best DIY home studio my budget would allow, I started working on my demo of old songs that I'd been waiting to record for years. I worked on this demo for almost a year but ran into snags like having to teach myself how to record and mix songs and trying to find workarounds for instruments I didn't have.

Despite feeling at a disadvantaged like not having the guitars or sounds I wanted, I started to really enjoy working on the electronic side of the musical equation that led me toward trying to creating original songs through electronic elements. 

And that led to this music project and my current journey of: Just Your Frequency🎵