2023 Update!  

Howdy! 🤠

It's been a moment and I've been procrastinating an update because…well, it's been a tough going for some time for me personally.

Last year, after releasing my second song in October, I was laid off from my job. If you haven't experienced being laid off, it sucks. Being laid off with a ton of other folks and fighting to land a job in a crazy job market…even more levels of suckitude. Thankfully, I landed another job shortly after my discharge date and since then I've been slowly working toward working…

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Dog Days of Summer - A Short & Sweet August 2022 Update 🙂 

Hello! ^_^

It's been a while. I took a much-needed mental break to take a step back and look at how things were going inside and see what I could tweak to help me move forward as both a DIY artist and as a person.

In the meantime, I got to go to NYC for the first time in June (the food was so delicious -- I can't wait to go back), slogged through work, and checked in with a health coach concerning my mental game in July, went to an Emo Night event (super fun, 10/10 would do again), and started working on…

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April 2022 / First Song Release Retrospective 🤠 

Howdy! ^_^

April was a hectic month -- new release, working on getting an animated lyric song video, personal stuff, and things at work.

First Song Release

This month I didn't know what to expect when I released my first song. I had an idea that there would be some support shown and I wasn't sure what that would look like but I grabbed a few screenshots to share!






























To say the least, I was super thankful to see these comments -- really gave me that…

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Mid-April 2022 Update ^_^ 

Hi there 🤠

Just checking in for a moment to document what's been going on this month.

Don't Know What to Say -- Feedback 🎧

As I touched on previously, I released my first song "Don't Know What to Say". Initially, I wasn't going to do much advertising with it because it was my first release but after I started showing it to some people, the response was so positive I decided to publically note on my personal social media channels that I had released my first song...and even more people started chiming in…

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First Song Release & What's Next 🧐 

Hi all 😃

What a month. I managed to do plenty and also not feel like I've done much all at the same time 😂 one thing I am proud of though is the fact that I finally did it -- I submitted my song to Distrokid to be uploaded to all of the major streaming platforms! 🍻

The song ("Don't Know What to Say") will be available on streaming platforms on March 31, 2022, and I am excited! This has been a moment I've been waiting for years to see come to fruition.

Originally, I was slated to release this song weeks ago…

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March Update -- Finally, the Music is Coming Together! 😀 

Hello there -- Glennjamin swingin' in with an update!

I've been working like mad to get my song "Don't Know What to Say" up to par to finally post to other streaming platforms.

The producer I met with recently (Dan), was kind enough to provide me some feedback on my song "Don't Know What to Say". His comments gave me some great insights and I took that and dove back into the studio for a few days and I believe I've gotten it right (or at least enough to feel more at peace about moving on).

  • Previously, I…
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February Recap / Catchup! 😵 

Hi all! ^_^

What a month February was and I'm still reeling from all that I've gotten into. For starters, here is what I worked on in the closing weeks of February:

  • I signed up for distribution through Distrokid.
  • I met with a producer to discuss music goals and received some good advice on perspective -- though this happened just yesterday, I've actually started breaking the shell I've been in to network and talk to others that work on music.
  • Added songs to ASCAP.
  • Asked a few people for…
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Mid-February 2022 Update ^_^ 

Happy Valentine's Day! 💘

Whether you're spending the day with your partner in crime or counting down to Discount Candy Day, hope the day has been wonderful to you! 🙌

Update from the Business Side:

This has been one of those months where it feels like I've accomplished nothing. Maybe it's just because I haven't been able to sit down and mess with music as much, so my creative side has been smothered. The good news is that, on the business front, I continue to make progress.

For instance, in the past couple…

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January 2022 Retrospective 

Hi y'all! 🤠

It's been a moment but I wanted to shoot out a blog post to update where I am in the journey.

The past month has been super busy with work, putting together my home office, and taking care of the business aspect of Just Your Frequency. This month felt like a slugfest but the important thing is...I DID IT. 🙌

  • Formed my LLC for Just Your Frequency.
  • Applied for an LLC EIN.
  • And signed up for a PRO -- ASCAP.

Y'all would be surprised at how tedious and mind-numbing trying to get that stuff…

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A Brand New Start 

Hi there!

Welcome to the first blog post 🍻

This is my first attempt at launching a webpage for my music project -- Just Your Frequency :8^)

A little background about me:

  • I'm Glenn, some folks call me Glennjamin, and I've been writing and playing music since I was the ripe age of 16. 🤘
  • I got my start in a garage band as a singer. I had a knack for writing and a decent singing voice, plus my cousin said I was going to sing so...that's how I got my start. 😎
  • Toward the end of high…
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